Event season on its way

We are heading into the ‘Event Season’ and as Melbourne’s premier event fencing provider, Victorian Temporary Fencing we are ready to help you make your next event safe and successful.

VTF is used for many specialised events throughout Victoria. There is an ever increasing need to provide solutions for safe pedestrian traffic. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our event fencing panels and our professional staff available to install temporary fencing solutions for your event any time of the day and night.

Some advantages you will experience if using VTF for your event.

  • Events are often at weekends and late at night so our 24 / 7 Emergency Service will ensure you never get caught out!
  • We continually manufacture new panels to ensure events get new and pristine temporary fencing.
  • Shade cloth can also be attached and used for advertising and promoting your event.
  • At VTF we have over 20 years’ experience in providing temporary fencing solutions to the event industry.

We can provide you with anti-climb temporary fencing panels, crowd control barriers, and many other supplemental products such as shade cloth and safety signage.

Call our event team on 9484 4000 or email vtfsales@leegroup.com.au