Erecting or Installing Temporary Fencing

The start of a new financial year sees many sites starting new projects. The first sign that works are about to commence on site is the installation of temporary fencing or temporary timber hoarding.

Victorian Temporary Fencing are a recognised name for quality products and are Melbourne’s oldest temporary fencing company. With over 20 years in the business we are experts when it comes to installing temporary fencing panels and temporary timber hoardings.

Erecting temporary fencing is usually a quick and easy task if done correctly to the Australian Standards, but there lies the problem, because it looks so simple, anyone thinks they can install it. But it’s a task best left to the professionals. Cutting corners can lead to many safety problems and leave your construction site vulnerable and unsafe.

When installing temporary fencing panels and timber hoarding, VTF take into consideration the specific wind loading calculations to advise on stability concerns for those sites susceptible to high winds. A concern regarding stability for any Health and Safety Officer is often highlighted in many news stories regarding dangerous construction sites. The whole idea of safely securing your site in the first place is for health and safety reasons, you don’t want people entering your site and sustaining an injury. So to risk the public’s safety by not erecting your temporary fencing correctly in the first place is unwise.
VTF has a reputation for quality products and fantastic customer support, including a 24/7 emergency service – phone 0418 813 644. The winter has just started and we are sure to see a lot more windy weather coming our way, so if you are starting up a new project and need to secure a site, ensure you are using Victoria’s best temporary fencing company!