Temporary Fence Panels – Chain Link

Chain Link is an effective temporary fencing solution for construction sites, domestic building sites and vacant blocks of land. These panels are a Victorian Temporary Fencing patented design, which ensures they are built to Australian quality standards.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Easy to relocate.
  • Protects your valuable assets and protects you against Public Liability claims.
  • Panel size means that only one panel needs removing for vehicular and machinery access.
  • Hinged gate systems can also be used to enable vehicular and machinery access.
  • Standard panels include barbed wire as extra security.
  • Panel stabilisers used to ensure sturdy fences on long runs or wind prone areas.
  • Concrete blocks allow for undulating sites and include front or central locating slots.
  • A new bracing system is also available that can be attached to the panel to further ensure the integrity of the fence system in areas prone for high wind.
  • Industry registrations in place with CFMEU, C + BUS, INCOLINK, CO-INVEST etc.

Product applications:

Construction sites

  • Secures site and equipment.
  • Insurance benefits.
  • Meets Occupational Health & Safety requirement.

Securing sites

  • Prevents unauthorised trespassing and liabilities.

Road closure application

  • Deters motorists from entering a road.

Crowd control barriers

  • Ideal for road closure & screening walkways.


  • Galvanized chain wire.
  • Concrete blocks.
  • Clamps
  • Bracing


Shade Cloth

  • Prevents pedestrians looking into the site
  • Assists in privacy and dust protection of site

Barbed wire

  • Deters intruders
  • Prevents barrier jumping