Temporary Fence Panels – Industrial/Event

Our industrial style temporary fence panels are ideal for events, construction and building sites. These industrial panels are our own unique design which will withstand high winds and pressure placed against the fence. The two part plastic blocks are an innovative design, that insures they are both easy to transport and assemble.


  • Anti-climb mesh
  • Quick and easy to install and can be easily re-located
  • Protects your valuable assets and protects you against Public Liability claims
  • Hinged gates can be attached to enable vehicular and machinery access
  • Panel stabilisers used to ensure sturdy fences on long runs or wind prone areas.
  • The new bracing system further ensures the integrity of the fence system in areas prone to high winds
  • Fence extensions are available on the Industrial/Event panel
  • Industry regulations in place with CFMEU, C+BUS, Incolink, Co-Invest etc

Product applications

Construction sites

  • Secures site and equipment.
  • Insurance benefits.
  • Meets Occupational Health & Safety requirement.

Securing sites

  • Prevents unauthorised trespassing and liabilities.
  • Secure dangerous areas

Road closure application

  • Deters motorists from entering a road.

Crowd control barriers

  • Ideal for road closure & screening walkways

Wind Prone Areas

  • Unique panel design which combines the strength of the weldmesh and v-shaped galvanized steel frame


  • Galvanized chain wire
  • Concrete blocks
  • Clamps
  • Bracing


Shade Cloth

  • Prevents pedestrians looking into the site
  • Assists in privacy and dust protection of site
  • Advertising shade cloth

Barbed wire

  • Deters intruders.
  • Prevents barrier jumping.


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