Timber hoarding is a necessity for construction and demolition sites to prevent dust and debris travelling outside of the site and to protect pedestrians. Our hoarding is easy to assemble on site and remove, the safety yellow paint is also an added benefit making it easy to see.


  • Quickly and easily erected on most surfaces.
  • Adjustable bracing for uneven ground.
  • Distinctive yellow for safety and visibility.
  • Flexible rental terms.
  • Certified engineers computations available
  • Variable gate access options
  • Impervious precautionary barrier
  • Accepted by councils
  • VTF can custom build a timber hoarding to suit your needs.

Product applications:

Building sites

  • Demolition
  • Renovation works
  • Prevents dust and debris from travelling outside of the construction area
  • Special permits can be obtained to close part of the road and footpath

Internal application

  • Can be used in shopping centres to restrict access to stores and areas under construction
  • Timber hoarding is ideal as it does not damage the tiled flooring

Custom-built timber hoarding

  • Built to suit the available space and requirements

Hoarding and chain mesh application

  • We can include chain mesh panels in the design of the hoarding to be used as gates for easy access of trucks and vehicles

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Ply wood timber


  • Double chain link gates for access of vehicles and authorised staff
  • Can be combined with chain link temporary fence panels for different sections of land


  • Click through the image gallery thumbnails in the sidebar to view specifications
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