The Race is on……………

The new Pakenham Racecourse contracted Victorian Temporary Fencing to protect and secure their works and assets over a 12 month period.

The race club themselves used over 4500lm in different areas during the construction of the course itself.

July 2014 – we installed 1837lm around the training track as a safety barrier whilst the remainder of the track was under construction.

March 2015 – another 2674lm of temporary fencing was installed around the inside of the ambulance track, again this was all about safety of the horses to prevent the risk of accidents occurring.

Victorian Temporary Fencing took the advantage to support a wonderful club after being involved in with such a large project by sponsoring a race meet in June 2015. This was a great opportunity to thank the club for their support and to have a handicap race named after VTF. Race Winners 4. Rubyone 3. Moiras Charm & 7. Secret Wand.