Temporary Pool Fencing

This time of year there is a lot pool construction happening so pools are ready to be enjoyed in the warmer months. There is a bit of a misconception that it is cheaper, quicker and easier to install a pool in the ‘off season’. The fact is there is really ‘no better’ time to buy an in ground swimming pool, the timing has to be right for you.

When the timing is right you must consider hiring temporary pool fencing for your pool construction site. Victorian Temporary Fencing (VTF) has pool safety fencing specifically designed to promote adequate security during a pool construction period. This will prevent children accessing dangerous excavation areas and other unsafe areas.

Our temporary pool fencing range is designed to meet pool safety regulations during construction stage of swimming pools or any excavation area prone to containing water. A self-closing temporary pool gate is also available to further heighten safety and security of the site.

Our temporary pool fencing panels are designed to comply with council pool fencing regulations and Australian standards and allows the pool to be completed while awaiting your permanent fencing to be installed.

When your timing is right to have your new in ground pool installed or if you are renovating an existing pool area be sure to call us on 9484 4000 to arrange your temporary pool fencing.

New pool being constructed in Epping had a temporary pool fence installed for safety during the construction period until their permanent fence was installed.

Temporary Pool Fencing

Paving to go in but the area will look great when the temporary pool fencing is removed when permanent fence is installed.

A self locking gate was also installed for added safety and allowing easy access to the pool construction area.

Backyard renovation in Kew needed a temporary pool fence to keep their children safe during construction.


A self locking pool gate was also installed so the pool area can be easily accessed during construction

A big renovation for this backyard needed! A temporary pool fence was installed for site security and safety.

Pool area being renovated – needed a temporary pool fence for safety.