Flinders St Station Refurb

Feb 6, 2017Unique Projects

Ensuring the safety of all visitors to the Flinders Street Station site.

Flinders St Station has featured frequently in the news of late for the removal of the camp site but long before the protests, plans were in place to renovate this historic site. The building is more than 100 years old and requires urgent restoration works to conserve its heritage elements and future proof it for the City of Melbourne.

The project involves the restoration and maintenance of the existing administration building to ensure the structural stability of the building and repair the ageing facade, allowing for future stages and full redevelopment of the station.

Whist most of Melbourne were sleeping on the night of the 1st February, our hard working installers were onsite erecting specially developed temporary fencing to create the work zone for the upcoming installation of the gantry and scaffold. Our 2.4 metre high Industrial Temporary Fencing Panels were incorporated into the patented “EHS Interlock” cantilever system.

VTF’s 2.4 metre high industrial panels combined with EHS Interlock system are an innovation created for this project to achieve a cantilevered temporary fence with no tripping hazards. Also used on site is another of our latest innovations – access panel gates which allow a quick exit from the site in case of an emergency, these were also altered to adapt to the 2.4m panel system.

  • Client: Built
  • Government Department: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Major Projects Victoria
  • Architect: Lovell Chen
  • Completion date: August 2017

Video showing the temporary fencing installed at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.

Emergency Exit Access Panel Gate.

Cantilever Temporary Fencing allowing for safe pedestrian access along Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Emergency Exit Access Gate – One of our latest innovation.

Protecting the historic building.

Protecting the historic building.

Making a clear pedestrian path.

Ensuring the safety of all visitors to the Flinders Street Station site.

Ensuring the safety of all visitors to the Flinders Street Station site.