Temporary Fencing with shade cloth

Mar 10, 2017Unique Projects

When temporary fencing is installed it’s often used to direct pedestrian traffic or to contain an area. Here at VTF we find that adding shade cloth is a great way to further protect or enhance your construction site or event.

For a construction site, shade cloth can be added to assist in privacy, reducing dust and preventing pedestrians looking into the site. It creates a easily identified and defined site area. Many builders and construction companies use this opportunity to advertise their brand by having their logo printed on the shade cloth.

With an event or promotion the use of shade cloth is a perfect opportunity to advertise and promote the event, company brand or the event sponsors. Event organisers can even sell advertising space on the shade cloth to other local businesses.

But remember when installing temporary fencing with shade-cloth, bracing is a necessity. This will ensure the safety of your employees and the general public against the temporary fencing being blown over and causing injury. , It can also be used to advertise and promote your company or event. Shade cloth adds considerable resistance to wind when added to temporary fence. VTF will not install shade-cloth to a temp fence without bracing added. Our bracing system further ensures the integrity of the fence system in areas prone to high winds and on long runs of fencing.

Car yard running a promotion for their sale using temporary fencing with shade cloth.

Protecting the historic building.

Bracing to ensure the stability of the temporary fence.

Being used here to advertise the event sponsors brand.

Shade cloth being used to advertise the event and also direct pedestrians.