VTF work with Ability Works Australia

Apr 8, 2020Unique Projects

Q: Who are Ability Works Australia?
A: Ability Works Australia is a Victorian organisation that supports, employs and trains people with disabilities.

Q: What relationship do Ability Works Australia and Victorian Temporary Fencing (VTF) have?
A: VTF provide fencing panels that require maintenance to Ability Works to increase employment opportunities for people living with a disability.

Q: What employment opportunities does this create?
A: Ability Works employees are trained and equipped with the appropriate tools to repair damaged panels, including to grind, weld and galvanize.

Q: How many panels do VTF provide ability works?
A: The partnership with Ability Works has resulted in great success with greater than 1000 panels repaired for VTF. Within early stages of the relationship much has been achieved, we are looking forward to future opportunities between the companies moving forward.

Click here to learn more about Ability Works Australia.

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